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Country: USA

ADI ChemTech
4964 Secluded Pines Drive
Marietta, 30068, GA
Product Catalog: We supply APIs (from USFDA approved plant and have active DMF), impurity markers and intermediates for APIs, fine chemicals, and raw materials for pharma. We also supply biological stains and dyes material as well as essential oils and fragrance oils.

We provide the best quality material as well as services and the lowest price products for our customers.

Contract Research and Custom Synthesis: ADI ChemTech is your partner for contract research and development in all areas of Organic and Medicinal Chemistry. We provide an opportunity to accelerate your advances from discovery to the pharmaceutical product pipeline. We develop the projects from grams to multi-kilograms through the commercialization process and multi-ton quantities. Our focus is producing the highest quality materials using cost-effective routes and technologies.

ADI ChemTech’s labs are equipped with state of the art instrumentation and our highly skilled analysts to support your research and development projects.

We also provide pre-clinical and later stage API technology development with cGMP services as well as analytical services.

ADI ChemTech’s principle is "Good Quality, Quick Delivery, Competitive Price, and Best Service"!