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Schülke & Mayr GmbH
Robert-Koch Str. 2
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For over 125 years, schülke has been a leader in hygiene and related applications. Among the company’s missions is the protection of customer and consumer products from microbiological contamination. schülke is a subsidiary of Air Liquide Healthcare and a specialist in hygiene and chemical and technical preservation. The company's global presence extends to over 80 countries world-wide and is maintained via its branches and dealer network. It counts in excess of 900 employees - 75 of those in research and development.

NEW – schülke announces the FIFRA registration of our grotamar 71®. Trusted throughout Europe for over 50 years, grotamar 71® is now available in the US for preservation of diesel fuel and storage tanks.

Our euxyl® brand provides numerous preservative blends for the cosmetic industry. These optimized combinations of active substances offer broad spectrum efficacy, keeping cosmetic products free of microbial growth.

Our sensiva® and sensidin® brands include versatile, multifunctional skin care additives for personal care products. With their unique properties, they are suitable for use in a wide range of cosmetic applications, including creams, lotions and deodorants.

schülke offers complete solutions for the quality of your products. Our global staff of preservative specialists is at your service.

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