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Actives International
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At Actives International we focus on optimizing natural products chemistry with a strong understanding of skin biology. We help you tap the full potential of Nature by offering the most potent biomolecules available, all of which are derived from plant, marine or bio-fermentation sources.

ViaPure® brand extracts are developed using modern extraction technologies that provide active compounds free of impurities (such as color, odor and contaminants) that can have negative effects. The resulting products are ultra-pure and highly functional at very low use levels. Our ViaFerm® brand of specialty ingredients harnesses the power of bio-fermentation to produce effective skincare actives using sustainable, eco-friendly processes. All of our products undergo thorough testing to confirm their safety and efficacy.

In addition to our own technology bases, we partner with and represent companies around the world who are equally committed to the quality and performance of their products.

We invite you to explore our wide range of ingredients for your treatment products. We will bring experience, expertise and technology to your projects, and we will do this with confidence and pride.