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CBW Chemie GmbH Bitterfeld-Wolfen

ContactDaniel Boeke
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Country: Germany

CBW Chemie GmbH Bitterfeld-Wolfen
OT Greppin
06803 Bitterfeld-Wolfen
CBW is a custom manufacturer of organic intermediates and active ingredients. Our customers are key accounts of the agrochemical, pharmaceutical, flavours & fragrances and specialty chemicals industry.

As a second component of its "dual competence" CBW markets and develops organic and inorganic catalog products for various applications. The following examples are illustrating our core business:

- Numerous ethoxylated ingredients, e.g. with featured areas of use in personal care products, cosmetics, medicine and food, coatings, fuel and lubricant additives, water circulation systems and polymer synthesis and others

- Numerous phosphor organic derivatives used as e.g. sequestring agent (deactivation of polymerisation catalyst in Polyester/PET synthesis), stabilizer of polymers and purification of water etc.

-Sodium permanganate solutions for use in electronics (printed circuit board desmearing), water treatment, chemical and pharmaceutical synthesis (oxidation), soil remediation, metal surface treatment and equipment cleaning

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