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Solvias AG

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Phone+1 201 302 6084
Phone+1 866-4-SOLVIAS (toll free USA)
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Country: Switzerland

Solvias AG
Römerpark 2
4303 Kaiseraugst
Solvias provides contract research, development, and manufacturing services to pharmaceutical, biotech, medical devices, cosmetics, chemical, electronic materials, life sciences, and oil industries worldwide. The company’s services include analytical services, small molecule and biopharmaceutical analysis, solid-state development, ligands & catalyst technology, custom synthesis & manufacturing and biological analysis.
Solvias has a proven track record for the efficient and successful development of catalytic processes. This world-wide recognized expertise spans from discovery (catalyst evaluation) to the production of multi kg batches under optimized reaction conditions. Solvias has a unique library of > 700 ligands for catalysis projects (including research ligands). For the investigation of asymmetric hydrogenation processes, Solvias uses a versatile library of >550 chiral ligands and isolated catalyst precursors comprising ligands of the Solvias portfolio, generic ligands and ligands protected by third party IP. For C-C and C-X cross-coupling reactions the Solvias ligand library comprises of approx. 150 state of the art ligands and catalyst precursors.