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SpiroChem AG

ContactThomas Fessard
Phone+41 44 633 73 63
FAX+41 44 633 10 89
Country: Switzerland

SpiroChem c/o ETH-Zürich,
Vladimir-Prelog-Weg 1, HCI-G339,
8093 Zürich, Switzerland

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Company Profile SpiroChem AG is a Swiss fine chemicals company. We are specialized in the design and commercialization of novel building blocks for use in drug discovery.

We have a unique repertoire of molecular fragments that were designed to accelerate your drug discovery and lead optimization programs.

With cutting-edge know-how in drug design and process chemistry, SpiroChem is the ideal collaboration partner for large, medium and small pharmaceutical, agrochemical and life science companies.

We will help you to:

  • outsource your lead optimization programs and to improve properties of your drug candidates
  • expand your early-stage drug pipeline
  • enter into new chemical space and expand your IP-portfolio

SpiroChem services range from catalog products to custom synthesis, FTE/FFS contracts and consultancy.

SpiroChem AG is registered and has research laboratories in Zurich, Switzerland.

For more information on our services and products, please contact us.

SpiroChem - Tailor-made molecules