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Dr. Silviu Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd
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Maharashtra, India.
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The Source For Synthetically Challenging Organic Molecules

Dr. Silviu Pharmachem private limited (DRSPL) is an innovative company that discovers and develops a broad range of chemicals. Our business spectrum includes research & development, custom synthesis, contract research on task completion basis and R & D basis, technology transfer, contract synthesis and developing new Purification techniques for complex chemicals.

We perform things differently that offer cost-effective solutions, real and measurable business values in most precise pathway that provides to our client a razor-sharp competitive edge.

Proven successful business strategy and policies paved way for many clients to work with us, which enable Dr. Silviu Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd. to generate over 85% of revenue from USA, European and Asian clients.

Synthetic area encompasses multidisciplinary areas like synthetic organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, supramolecular chemistry and nanotechnology. Manufacturing activities cover production of specialty chemicals, fine chemicals, rare chemicals, and hard to find chemicals which collectively channelized to sector of Pharma, agrochemicals and for multiple applications.

We take pride to say that we are pioneer in "Porphyrin Chemistry" in India and among the largest porphyrin and porphyrin building blocks manufacturers in the world. We are providing products on milligrams to over several hundred kilograms for research and production purposes.

Due to creative, experienced, dedicated and self-motivated doctoral and master grade chemists, we deal with synthesis of challenging organic molecules and are frequently adding new products to our product portfolio.

Our on time product delivery rate is extremely high thus clients meet their important project deadlines. Unique approach of sales, purchase, marketing and management teams have been providing us an excellent planning for any industrial downturn.