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BoroChem PBO

ContactDavid Gauthier
Phone+33 231 945 073
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Country: France

BoroChem PBO
10 rue du professeur Zarifian
14200 Hérouville Saint Clair
BoroChem PBO is a privately held company founded in 2013 owned by OmegaChem Inc. (Canada). The company is managed by Gregory Burzicki, Dir. of Operations. BoroChem PBO designs, develops, manufactures and commercializes original and novel organoboron building blocks and fine chemicals for R&D teams in the (bio) pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agrochemical and materials industries.

Our catalogue of chemical synthesis intermediates includes over 1,000 boronic acids, boronic esters, trifluoroborates, boron salts,boro-amino acids, polyaryls and halogenated heterocycles, and is regularly expanded with new compounds issued from the cutting edge academic laboratories. Production capabilities are available from several milligrams to multi-scale thanks to close collaboration with OmegaChem, Inc. (Canada). All products are rigorously analyzed for identity and purity, including GC, LC-Mass and NMR.

BoroChem PBO also provides multi-step custom synthesis of complex organoboron molecules and new boron-based bioactive molecules.