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CRI Catalyst Company

ContactDiane Lower
Phone(832) 337-2857
Country: USA

CRI Catalyst Company
One Shell Plaza
910 Louisiana Street., 2910B
Houston, Texas 77002
CRI Catalyst Company LP (CRI) is among the catalyst technology affiliates of the Royal Dutch Shell Group of Companies (Shell), offering Petrochemical and Specialty catalyst solutions. CRI is the sister company of Criterion Catalysts & Technologies LP (CRITERION), a provider of refinery catalysts. CRI and CRITERION and its affiliates operate worldwide research laboratories, development facilities, manufacturing plants and business units. Fully integrated technical service and support groups further enhance the value of CRI’s products.

CRI develops custom catalysts and offers a catalyst portfolio that includes selective oxidation catalysts, specifically for the production of Ethylene Oxide and Vinyl Acetate Monomer; Environmental catalysts and systems geared for the destruction of NOx, N2O, and dioxins, as well as abatement of VOC’s and CO. We license technology for the production of renewable fuels; and offer a full slate of hydrogenation and alkylation catalysts, with a strong focus on catalysts used in the treatment of steam cracker ethylene.