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Country: India

107 Wode House Road
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Mumbai, Maharashtra
Loba Chemie a global supplier for High Grade Laboratory Reagents and Fine Chemicals – With the state of the Art manufacturing and testing facility, provides a range of over 5000 products to meet the national & international customer demand. Loba is currently servicing over 400 distributors in over 100 plus countries.

We are dependable partner for companies who want to leverage their own brand and expand their offerings to businesses or consumers. We have been offering private label or co-brand of any of our products to serve as an OEM or Private Labelling partner.We have a large group of satisfied customers and have been providing OEM and Private Labeling solutions to company in Belgium, France, Hungary, Germany, Brazil, Spain and others.

Our range includes - Reagents ACS/GR/AR, Fine Chemicals, HPLC Solvents, Inorganic Salts, Biological Stains and Dyes, Indicators, Buffers, Dry Solvents, CVS, Ion Pairing, Essential Oils, Perchloric Acids, Bromine, AAS and ICP Standards, BP/USP/Ph. Eur and more.

We Comply with global standards for international transport and help their customers with complete documentation which includes customs-clearance, import/export & other transit documentation, labeling of different volume pack including small to bulk and Batch Certificate of Analysis.

Our customer can access the latest information online on "" where they can access MSDS in 4 different languages along with latest COA for every batch of product. Our website also helps the user to search for the product though name, CAS No., product code or even batch number.