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Loba Chemie is 5 decades old company for Laboratory Reagents and Fine chemicals with international presence and have been offering unparalleled service to our valued customers with our product range of more than 5000 chemicals.

Loba Chemie has recently diversified into entire new range of Contract Research, Pharma Synthesis and R&D activities with industrial capabilities.

Loba Chemie is capable of carrying out various reactions like:

Grignard Reaction, Catalytic Hydrogenation, Bromination, Michael Reaction, Intermolecular Deketalisation, Methylationn, Esterification, Friedel-Craft Reaction and more.

Loba Chemie offers Products are manufactured according to current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). The products are manufactured under the highest QC standards and ensures a quality and reliability. The manufactured products have proven high purity with high lot-to-lot consistency.

We also help our customers with Customized filling, labeling, and packaging tailored to your individual requirements.

LOBA Contract Research Laboratories provides CRO-type activities at competitive rates in both the medicinal chemistry and chemical synthesis. We apply the same rigorous quality control as for our contract Research activities and provide quality service and research based resourcing options.

AT LOBA -No project is too small or too large. We can make a single tool compound to help you test a hypothesis, or perform multi-year hit- and lead-optimization projects.