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Hangzhou Pharma & Chem Co., Ltd

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Country: China

Hangzhou Pharma & Chem Co., Ltd
139 Qingchun Road,
Hangzhou Zhejiang, China 310003
Established in 1992, ISO certified, Hangzhou Pharma & Chem Co., Ltd. supplying various API, Chemical Intermediates and Plant growth regulators. We undertake business including custom manufacturing or technology collaboration.

Our equipments condition: Temperature up to 220?, Pressure up to 60 Kgs, Refrigeration till -60 degrees. Reactions we are good at: Hydriding reduction, Asymmetric synthesis, Various C-C condensation, Alkylation reaction, Oxydation, Chloridizing and Grignard reaction etc..

From us, you will get the first-class product and service!