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Baiyun Mansion, Jianggan District,
Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province,
Abclabtory is a premier supplier of Fine Chemicals, important Pharmaceutical Intermediate and high quality APIs. Ever since its establishment in 2010, Abclabtory keeps the tradition of excellence and deep sense of commitment in developing cost effective processes to offer wide range of affordable products. The best way to get a rapid and detailed answer is to send email to us!.

Abclabtory helps provide high quality product and service which yield enhancement and increase innovative discoveries in the field of science and technology. With full-fledged marketing capabilities, the company has been able to market its products in over 58 countries across the globe.

Our featured products mainly including following series derivatives: Indole/Azaindole, Indazole/Azaindazole, Pyridine, Pyrimidine, Pyrazine, Pyrrole and Pyrrolidine, etc.

Main business Scope:
(1). Pharmaceuticals intermediates & APIs
(2). Fine & Specialty Chemicals
(3). Peptide & Nucleoside synthesis
(4). Plant extract products