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Tianjin Boai NKY International Ltd.

Phone+86 22 5831 6066
FAX+86 22 58316068
Country: China

Boai NKY Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
No.1888 East Wenhua Road, Boai,
Jiaozuo, Henan, China 454450
Boai NKY Pharmaceuticals Ltd.(NKY,stock code:300109)was the first domestic company to develop and manufacture polyvinylpyrrolidone(PVP)series & PVM/MA Copolymer series products in China, NKY has become the largest Chinese producer of PVP's and third largest globally. Main products,GBL, 2-P,NVP,PVP K series,VP/VA copolymer series, PVP-Iodine, PVPP, PVM/MA copolymer, and NVCL, TBVE etc. intermedia chemical products.