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Chem-Stone Co., Ltd.

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Country: China

Chem-Stone Co., Ltd.
5th Floor Building 7A, 11Kaiyuan Avenue
Chem-Stone, Co., Ltd. is an innovative synthesis company with manufacture facility based in China.

Founded by Yingjie Lai, formerly of Genentech, Roche ,Merck and Warner-Lambert in the Department of medicinal chemistry and Fengrui Lang, formerly of Merck Research Laboratories in the Department of process research, Chem-Stone, Inc. is dedicated to provide high quality process R&D services and API intermediate manufacture to pharmaceutical and biotech companies across the world.

With our process R&D expertise, Chem-Stone process research and development team can assist in the development of process for manufacturing API intermediates in increasing quantities –from lab to pilot plant to commercial quantities-to meet the needs of trials and commercialization. Our API intermediate manufacturing facility at Guangzhou is equipped with 40 glass or glass-lined and steeless reactors from 150L to 3000L.

The R&D team at Chem-Stone consists of experienced masters and bachelor chemists alongside veteran Ph.Ds chemists. At Chem-Stone, we believe that a team of dedicated and well-trained scientists is essential to establishing a great foundation. We strive to foster a company culture that rewards scientific excellence and we also provide on-going training to our employees. Currently, the main R&D and production center in Guangzhou, China occupies 16,000 square feet of lab space equipped with 34 fume hoods, 8 walk-in kilo hoods in 4 laboratory suites.At the same time, the company has a production base of Dingnan, Jiangxi Province, and has started production. The production line lhave the capacity of commercial production scale. The Chem-Stone analytical chemistry lab is responsible for the characterization andquality control of the very compounds synthesized by our chemists. This lab is equipped with multi-units of HPLC, GC and LC-Mass instruments. A distribution and business development Center is located in Beverley Hills, California USA as well. With this site, we can cater to clients’ needs worldwide.

Our featured productlines include multi-functional group cyclopropanes, oxetanes, azepanes and hard to find heterocyclic boronic acids.

Our strengths include an effective problem solving team, open communication channels, competitive pricing, prompt delivery of results and custom services. This ensures that all projects are delivered in full, on time and held to the highest standards.