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Valsynthese SA

ContactMara Guzzetti
Phone+41 27 922 71 11
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Country: Switzerland

Valsynthese SA
Fabrikstrasse 48
PO Box 126
CH-3900 Brig
Valsynthese is a Custom Manufacturing Organization for intermediates for fine chemicals and pharmaceutical industry. A subsidiary of Societe Suisse des Explosifs Group founded in 1894, Valsynthese owns a vast experience in hazardous and high-energy. In 2013 a new Phosgenation plant was built in the premises of Brig, Canton Valais, Switzerland. This has broaded the already existing expertise and infrastructure in nitration reactions, oxidations, Grignard reaction and azide chemistry.

Phosgenation Chemistry

Phosgene is a powerful reagent allowing in an effective way access to key reactives such as chloroformates, acid chlorides and carbamoyl chlorides, thereby permitting the clean and efficient construction of isocyanates, NCOs, carbonates, carbamides or ureas.The hazardous potential of using phosgene is well known. With this in mind, our new phosgenation plant has been constructed to the highest safety standards, guaranteeing safe and environmental friendly working conditions. By using phosgene we are able to offer you both quality and value for money. A direct reaction with phosgene is often shorter and more cost-effective than alternative methods or workarounds, thereby reducing waste and energy consumption