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Country: USA

Floratech Corporate Office
291 East El Prado Court
Chandler, AZ 85225
Floratech provides innovative ingredients for beauty, health and hygiene products worldwide. Floratech ingredients are derived from renewable, eco-friendly botanicals such as jojoba, macadamia, sunflower and moringa. These natural ingredients strengthen the sustainable, renewable and botanical attributes of finished formulations.

As the world's first supplier of biodegradable, natural wax exfoliating beads, Floratech offers a variety of biodegradable options for microplastic free exfoliation products. Floratech offers unique, oil-free emollients as well as an o/w, PEG-free emulsifier that is sunflower derived and low cost.

Floratech has been an innovator of multifunctional ingredients for over 40 years. Floratech has grown rapidly by providing customers with products that establish industry leadership and our dedication to quality, innovation and service.

We aren't going green, we were born green.

Particles - Ecobeads®, Florabeads®, Florapearls®, Florasomes®, Floraspheres®

Botanical Esters & Emollients - Floraesters®, Floramac®, Floralipids®, Florasun®, and L22®

Emulsifiers - Emulsun®