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Moravek Biochemicals
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From early in its history, Moravek has strived to raise the standard for purity and quality of radiolabeled compounds through rigorous purification and exceptionally well documented structural confirmation and compound purity. In the 1990’s the National Institutes of Health awarded Moravek two grants totaling one million dollars that lead to the establishment of Moravek as a leading supplier of labeled anti-cancer and anti-viral compounds.

In 2009 Moravek doubled the size of its primary carbon-14 production facility. At that time eighteen additional new ten foot fume hoods were commissioned. In recent years, five Thermo Electron LC/MS/MS quadrupole ion traps, and thirty-seven HPLC and UPLC instruments have been installed to support purification and quality control activities.

Whether you are interested in a custom synthesis of a GMP 14C API for a clinical trial, or a millicurie of Thymidine, [methyl-3H]- from our 1,500+ item product catalog, we will treat your order as our top priority and provide you with the best possible structural confirmation, quality assurance and customer support.

After 40 years of consistent growth and commitment to radiosynthesis, purification, quality control and quality assurance of high quality labeled compounds for research and for clinical trials, Moravek is now established as an exceptionally capable and responsive provider of custom radiolabeling services including standard research grade, GLP and GMP [14C] API compounds.