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Sorbent Technologies, Inc.

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Sorbent Technologies, Inc.
5955 Peachtree Corners East
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Established in 2000, Sorbent Technologies has specialized in products for chromatography and purification. We assist universities, government labs, and industry - Pharma, Biofuel, Materials, Food and Beverage, CMOs and CROs—with method development and optimization. Sorbtech provides one of the industry’s broadest product lines and the scientific expertise to assist our clients with projects ranging from analytical methods to full-scale process with both standard and complex chemistries. We deliver solutions for small, large and bio molecules, synthetic and natural products. Our company is committed to helping chemists identify and offer the most efficient, cost-effective solutions for their applications.

Sorbtech offers the highest quality and the broadest selection of chromatography products:

  • Bulk Adsorbents
  • Flash Cartridges
  • HPLC columns
  • TLC plates
  • GC columns
  • SPE cartridges
  • Various other products for laboratory and production