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Qi-Chem Co.,Ltd.
Room 01-02, No. 7 Hui Xian Yuan,
Dalian Hi-tech Industrial Zone,
Dalian 116025, P.R. China
Qi-Chem is dedicated to custom synthesis, toll manufacturing, contract manufacturing as well as standard products in the field of pharmaceutical intermediates, agrochemical intermediates and other specialty chemicals. Qi-Chem headquarters in Dalian,China, which offers full package service from technology development to commercial production to global leading companies.

Qi-Chem production site is located in Fuxin, center of the fluorine chemical production base in Liaoning Province of China. The site occupies 100,000 square meters of land with several multi-purpose plants, high-pressure hydrogenation plant, dedicated plants, with a team of experienced staff in R/D for process research and development.

Our core technologies include photochlorination, fluorination, bromination, catalytic hydrogenation, oxidation, phosgenation, chlorosulfonation,etc, In addition, we can provide solutions to your needs whether it is sample preparation, scale-up or manufacturing of new products.

Qi-Chem has the people, technology, and production facilities. The entire Qi-Chem team is ready to provide timely and first class services to the global customers.