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Organic Technologies

Country: USA

Organic Technologies
P.O. Box 640
545 Walnut Street
Coshocton, Ohio 43812
Organic Technologies serves the chemistry technology and research community's need for custom synthesis and purification, distillation expertise and toll production. Formerly known as Wiley Organics, the company at one time maintained a specialty chemicals catalog listing about 1500 compounds. Though the catalog business has been spun off, the company maintains the associated expertise and experience in organic chemistry. We have more than 20 years of experience in organic synthesis and scale up.

Historically, we have produced pharmaceutical intermediates, fine chemicals, natural flavor components, and specialty monomers and polymers. More recently, we have focused on compounds useful as functional foods and nutraceutical ingredients, such as soy saponins and natural tocopherols.

The company has special expertise in the manufacturing of specialty gases, acetylenics, and in Grignard chemistry. We excel at high performance atmospheric and vacuum distillation. We have increased our ability to supply low molecular weight synthons such as Allene and 1-Propyne and related intermediates such as 1-(trimethylsilyly)-1-propyne.

Sourcing Security

Organic Technologies owns two stand alone plant facilities in the central Ohio area. A substantial expansion at the Coshocton site now includes rail service and allows flexible and timely service on custom manufacturing projects. A partial description of equipment is listed below.


  • 50-4,000 gallon Steel Reactors. 200-3,000 gallon Glass Reactors
  • 200-10,000 gallon Batch Distillation Units. Thin Film
  • Evaporator Continuous Distillation Units.
  • New cGMP Processing Suite with 200 gallon reactor.
  • Centrifuges. Dryers