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Hunan Chemfish pharmaceutical co.,Ltd
No.10048, Xiangjiang Centry Bulding ,
Kaifu District ,Changsha city, Hunan
ChemFish co.,Ltd a comprehensive enterprise, Located in High-Tech Science Park,Changsha,China.
With its own R&D center and more than 10000?manufacturing plant Chemfish owns 40 reactors from 1000L to 8000L. With complete auxiliary equipment as: Fractionating columns, Boilers, Refrigeration unit, sewage treatment. we provide from a test to large-scale production for customers,and have analytical instruments such as GC,HPLC ,NMR and so on.

Golden product :

Polymer Additive:

photoinitiator 127 , photoinitiator 2959 ,photoinitiator 369

Electrolyte Additive:

LiPO2F2 ,LiTFSI ,LiODFB,LiTFS,BOEHMITE ,Ultrafine alumina powder


DIETHYL CHLOROPHOSPHATE , Xylazine ,Pipoxolan Hcl , Flibaserin ,Sulfluramid, Other Organic fluorine surfactants

Our products are widely for paints and coatings, battery, textiles and or pharmaceuticals . ChemFish keep researching and developing the most up-to-date materials to meet the market demands . we warmly welcome the customs synthesis.