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Southern Chemical & Textiles
653 Peek Rd.
Dalton, Ga 30722
Founded in 1984, SCT has become one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of primary and secondary surfactants in North America. Paving the way for this growth has been the vision of success that our family owned business has held close for nearly 30 years. SCT is a partner in our community, and our environment. We strive to have the lowest carbon footprint and to search out suppliers that have like-minded awareness and sustainable practices. Feel free to contact us at our headquarters in Dalton, GA or drop us an email and someone will respond in a timely fashion.

In our global economy supplier choices are endless and SCT realizes this fact. Our staff is committed to excellence in all aspects of our business. Our sales associates are experienced and knowledgeable and provide support to all of our clients. Technical service is a key component that keeps SCT at the forefront of our ever-changing markets. Our partners depend on us to keep them informed and ready to meet any challenge or opportunity that presents itself.