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QV Chemicals LLC

ContactAjit Shah
VP - Business Development
Country: USA

QV Chemicals LLC
100 Chesterfield Business Parkway, Suite 200,
Chesterfield, MO 63005,
United States
QV Chemicals LLC is a 15-year-old company specializing in custom synthesis, R&D, process development, global sourcing, and contract manufacturing of specialty chemicals serving pharmaceutical, specialty ink, dyes, animal feed, and material science industries.

Our reaction capabilities include Grignard’s reaction, Songashira Coupling, Catalytic Hydrogenations (Pd/C, Pt/C, Raney Nickel), Chlorination, Sulfonation, Nitration, Chlorosulfonation, Hydrazine and Hydrazones, Esterification, Reductions using Sodium Borohydride, Borane Reduction, Sandmeyer Reaction, Oxidations (photochemical), Friedl-Craft’s Reaction, Fries Rearrangement, Aldol Condensation, Vilsmeier-Haack Reaction,?and Wolff-Kishner Reduction. We have capabilities to scale-up products from 1 kg to many MT/month.

Our philosophy is to build partnership with our customers by providing innovative solutions to produce quality product at value.