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Contipro a.s.

ContactOndrej Jireš
Phone+420 465 519 544
FAX+420 465 524 098
Country: Czech Republic

Contipro a.s.
Dolní Dobrouc 401
561 02 Dolní Dobrouc
Czech Republic

Company Profile

Contipro is one of the world leading companies in production and research of hyaluronic acid and its derivatives. Contipro produces sodium hyaluronate in different grades, purities and wide range of molecular weights. It can be used for various applications as active pharmaceutical ingredient or active anti-ageing substance. Full list of certificates are at the disposal, e. g. GMP, Ecocert, CoS, FDA approved etc. Contipro has strong scientific background because of his inhouse basic and applied research. Contipro developed for example the first whitening hyaluronic acid and nanofiber cosmetics, both for toppical applications. See Contipro website at: