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Jinan Honestpharm Co., Ltd

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Country: China

Jinan Honestpharm Co., Ltd
No.180 Shunhua Road
Jinan Honestpharm Co., Ltd is a leading global supplier of advanced intermediates and laboratory chemicals, we manufacture, market and distribute high quality intermediates which are widely used in the Pharmaceutical, agrochemical, electronic chemical industries and research laboratories.

Our major business activities are:

1. Supply laboratory chemicals and reagents

2. Supply advanced intermediates

3. Custom synthesis and contract manufacturing

4. Investment in the fields of advanced intermediates and laboratory chemicals

5. Sole agency of good quality chemicals from all over the world in China

In the past 10 years, we have established very good business relationships with hundreds of famous customers in North America, Europe and Asia. We will continuously improve products and services, create value-added benefits for our customers. Jinan Honestpharm Co., Ltd is your right and reliable business partner in China. Company Type: Bulk chemical supplier.