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Nova Molecular Technologies

ContactTrisha Mauritz
Country: USA

Nova Molecular Technologies
1 Parker Pl
Suite 725
Janesville, WI 53545
Nova Molecular Technologies, Inc. is a privately-owned Corporation. Since 1991, Nova Molecular has brought multiple solutions to the marketplace for many Fortune 500 companies. This has been accomplished by offering both custom chemical processing as well as a portfolio of self-marketed specialty chemicals.

HIGH VALUE SOLVENT RECOVERY Fully launched in 2016, Nova’s high value solvent recovery and return program helps companies reduce cost, increase supply certainty, and improve sustainability initiatives. Nova’s ability to handle complex recovery projects is built upon our unique capabilities that are the sum of our permitting, equipment, experience and can-do attitude. This includes: Permitting, Fractional distillation columns, Thin film evaporators, >30 years in combined company experience in recovery and return processes. Nova Molecular operates from its Sumter, SC facility. Significant capital projects are planned for 2019 and beyond to expand the footprint and opportunities at this site.