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Chemport Technology Limited.

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Country: China

Chemport Technology Limited.
Room 1409, No. 1101 South Pudong Road, Pudong District,
Shanghai, 200120, China
Chemport is a R&D oriented company, providing innovative synthesis solutions to the customers in China and aboard. Our products are used in pharmaceutical, inkject printing, polyurethane and oil drilling, etc.

When Chemport began in 2005, our fouders had a simple goal: together for better solution. Now Chemport is an ideal partner for customer synthesis to global partners. We are always offering high-qualified products ranging from laboratory, pilot plant to industrial scale, covering sorts of chemical reactions such as F-C acylation, reduction, hydrogenation, cyanidation, Dieckmann cyclization, Michael addition, Grignard, chiral synthesis, etc., and the reacting temperature is from -30°C to 250°C.