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Kraton Corporation
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Kraton develops, manufactures and markets biobased chemicals and specialty polymers that deliver exceptional value and enhance the lives of people all over the world. As a leading global producer of styrenic block copolymers (SBC) and pine chemicals, we manufacture high-performance materials that differentiate our customers’ products and meet multi-market needs. Our global footprint, reliable supply, extensive expertise and integrated portfolio of high-quality products enable our customers to push the boundaries of performance to power the future of innovation.

Kraton works with more than 700 customers across a diverse range of end markets in over 70 countries. We manufacture SBC and pine chemical products on four continents: North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Our worldwide locations include 14 manufacturing plants, five innovation centers and multiple regional offices that enable us to support our broad global customer base. Kraton offers a broad portfolio of products that include approximately 200 core commercial grades of SBC. The products can be processed in a variety of manufacturing technologies including injection molding, blow molding, compression molding, extrusion, hot melt and solution applied coating.

Kraton Business Units


Cariflex™ polyisoprene products are ideal for applications that demand extreme purity, comfort, exceptional protection and consistent high quality. These products are a superior alternative to natural rubber (NR) since it is free of the naturally-occurring proteins and eliminates the associated Type 1 allergic reactions, which can occur through frequent exposure to NR. Isoprene rubber latex materials by Kraton are highly elastic, resistant to stress and tear, soft, transparent/white and odorless. These high-strength materials are used in the production of soft, comfortable surgical gloves; leak-resistant medical stoppers; and resilient physiotherapy and tourniquet bands.

Specialty Polymers

Kraton specialty polymers are used in a variety of applications – from medical devices to wire and cable. Our hydrogenated block copolymers (HSBC) offer a higher service temperature range and excellent compression set, tear strength and flow. They can accept high loadings of oils and fillers for compounding; can be sterilized through a variety of methods; and are highly compatible with polyolefins and more polar chemistries. They are ideal for uses where improved UV and ozone resistance are required. Select grades are FDA and USP Class VI compliant, and are maleic anhydride functionalized to provide performance enhancements in engineering thermoplastics.

Performance Products

Kraton D SBS polymers are versatile with a combination of high strength, wide range of hardness, and low viscosity for easy thermoplastic melt processing or processing in solution. Composed of blocks of styrene and butadiene, SBS block copolymers are the material of choice for the modification of bitumen/asphalt, making them more elastic and durable. They are particularly suited for applications where high performance is required, such as highways, intersections, airports and roofing structures in regions with hot and cold climates. Kraton innovative polymers offer superior fatigue- and crack-resistant road systems that lower upfront costs, reduce maintenance needs, and are environmentally-friendly by enabling use of fewer raw materials. The grades are compatible with polyethylene and polystyrene, and some may be crosslinked for enhanced properties and performance.


Kraton’s broad portfolio of pine based products includes high-quality, sustainable tackifier solutions for a variety of adhesive formulations and applications such as tapes and labels, packaging, nonwovens, bookbinding and flooring. Our versatile resins are suitable for high performance hot-melt, solvent and water-based adhesive technologies, which require a myriad of performance attributes. Kraton’s polymers are engineered to meet specific processing and application requirements – such as high cohesion, elasticity, enhanced thermal stability, adhesion to a wide range of substrates as well as consistent melt and solution viscosity. Our versatile polymers are suitable for hot melt adhesive applications and can be formulated with other polymers, resins, fillers, pigments, oils, waxes and stabilizers to achieve a desired balance of properties.

Performance Chemicals

Kraton is the world’s largest producer of pine chemicals and specialty resins based on crude tall oil (CTO), a byproduct of pine wood pulping. This feedstock and our primary bio-refinery products – SYLFAT™ tall oil fatty acids, SYLVAROS™ tall oil rosin and SYLVATAL™ distilled tall oil – are biobased, natural, non-edible, non-GMO and have an overall lower carbon footprint compared to vegetable alternatives. Since it’s derived from pine trees, CTO is not as sensitive to seasonal changes compared to other plant-derived alternatives. Combined with our world-class bio-refineries, this enables our products to have excellent composition consistency and constant high quality.


Kraton is a long-term supplier to the tire and rubber industry, supplying products that improve tire performance and enhance the processing of tire compounds and rubber chemicals. Kraton has served the rubber industry for over 60 years and tire manufacturers for more than 25 years. Since 2000, Kraton has focused on the product development and application of Tread Enhancement Additives™ for wet grip enhancement and now supplies the majority of the leading tire manufacturers with consistent quality, high performance products. Based on a foundation of internal raw material building blocks, augmented by external raw materials, Kraton offers a unique portfolio of natural, synthetic and hybrid products. These SYLVATRAXX™ products are tailored to provide excellent performance in tire applications.