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Chengdu Feibo Pharm Technology Co., Ltd

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Country: China

Chengdu Feibo Pharm Technology Co., Ltd
Add: 13-304, Tripod Peak Powder Port, No.309, 2nd Jingkaiqu Rd S,
Longquanyi District, Chengdu, Sichuan, 610100, P.R.China

Company Profile

Chengdu Feibo Pharm Technoogy Co., Ltd is a high-tech chemical company specializing on heterocyclic compounds. Our company has over 1000 R&D centers and a pilot plant. Over ten years' development, we have developed more than 5000 compounds and our feature products include S-2-amino-2-cyclobutylacetic acid, Methyl 4-((S)-1-aminoethyl)benzoate, tert-butyl N-[(1S,3S)-3-aminocyclopentyl]carbamate, S-2-aminobut-3-enoic acid hydrochloride, tert-butyl ((1S,3S)-3-hydroxycyclopentyl)carbamate, etc. As a professional supplier of pharmaceutical and chemical intermediates, our company has accumulated rich production experience and established good business relationship with customers at home and abroad.