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Ethox Chemicals LLC

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Ethox Chemicals LLC
1801 Perimeter Rd
Greenville, SC 20605
Ethox manufactures over 500 specialty chemicals and provides its worldwide customer base with a full portfolio of customized specialty products.

Ethox Chemicals is located in Donaldson Industrial Park in Greenville, South Carolina on a 50 acre site.

We have 100 PSI 316 Stainless Steel Reactors ranging in size from 800 to 6500 gallons, two Hot Oil Reactors with condensors and receivers, and assorted mixing tanks and bulk storage facilities.

Ethox has its own waste treatment facility and has won numerous awards for its commitment to protecting the environment.


Founded in 1968, Ethox Chemicals is a U.S. based market and technology leader. The mission of Ethox is to consistently lead the industry in quality and service. The business concept of Ethox is based on a specialized and customized service to each customer that has proven successful over the years and it is our goal to maintain this level of service with every one of our customers.

We are ready to help you solve your problems. If specialized products are required, Ethox is happy to discuss production on a custom basis.


The Ethox staff consists of highly trained and experienced professionals capable of handling your product needs as well as participating in your process development. Our production staff and engineers are extremely adept at implementing new processes into production.


Ethox has a fully implemented SQC program. We have been audited by major corporations and have received top ratings as a supplier. We are also now ISO 9001:2015 Certified. We are dedicated to supplying our customers with quality products on each and every shipment.