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CATO Research Chemicals Inc.

ContactJiayi Jiang
Phone+1-541-255-3599 (USA)
Country: China

Room 304, 46 Qixin Road,
Dongyong Town,
Nansha District,
Guangzhou City, China

1358 South Bertelsen Road,
CATO is a well-known brand of Reference Standards in obedience with the belief of "Quality Wins" by offering high-quality products and excellent services beyond expectation with fair price. Currently, CATO has severed a great number of customers across 5 continents, including government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, testing institutes, universities and laboratories, etc.

Business Scope: CATO supplies 25000+ Reference Standards covering 8 fields including industrial products, food stuff, pesticide residues, veterinary drugs residues, environmental assessment, pharmaceutical APIs & impurities, natural extractives and isotopes.

Quality Warranty:CATO's products have obtained ISO9001, ISO17025, ISO17034 and other international quality standard certifications. A complete quality management system ensures that we can continuously provide customers with high-quality products and services.

Certificates:CATO products are delivered to customers with Certificate of Analysis (COA) including GC/HPLC-MS, HNMR, IR, HMBC, UV, Optical Rotation and 3D NMR etc.