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Beijing SHLHT Chemical Technology

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Beijing, China
We(Beijing SHLHT Chemical Technology) has more than 20 years' experience in chemical fields serving the industries of PCB electroplating, semi-conductor, OLED, pharm, cosmetic & personal care, agrochemicals, rubber & polymers, dyestuff & pigments and more.

We represent four particular chemical manufacturers producing fluorene, dibenzofuran, acenaphthene, anthracene, carbazole, quinoline and methylnaphthalene and their downstream derivatives.

And the fine chemical materials like tartaric acid , cream of tartar, rochelle salt, malic acid, benzoic acid and fumaric acid for wine, beverage, baking industry and for building materials, polyester resin and electroplating industries. And more of 2,2'-bipyridine, thiourea, glycolic acid, isopropyl alcohol and HF for industrial purposes.

Also PEO(polyethylene oxide) could be used in cosmetics and shampoo, building materials (concrete, cement, plaster, self-levelling floor and motars) as additives , in paper pulp, adhesive, printing-ink, coating and paint, water treatment, textile, lubricant and pharm, oil drilling, detergent and & creams, agriculture and city sewage discharge system.

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