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Country: China

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New District, Changzhou, JS, China
MASCOT I.E. Co., Ltd is a professional provider for specialty chemicals and services. The products include Pharmaceuticals intermediates, Electronic intermediates (OLED materials), Biocides, Fine chemicals, Industrial chemicals, and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s).

1.Quality Control
At Mascot, quality starts with the design of the product and the use of quality tools like GC, HPLC, NMM etc. Cooperated institutes: Nan King University, Fu Dan University, Shanghai Institutes of Organic Chemistry, Bei Jing University, Changzhou Chemical Research Institutes etc.

A second quality control and monitor prior to shipment reduce mistakes to the min--imum extent. The quality function in Mascot assure every corresponding solution executed immediately, and assist manufacturer and customer to prevent problems.

2.Contract manufacture from trial scale to commercial scale
MASCOT is a company based on manufacture, two owned plant and wild partnership to help our customers abroad to make good use of comparatively cheaper human power and idle capacities in china on fine chemicals and Intermediates production so that companies can save cost for drug production and increase profit.

3.Agent service
We also help for those Chinese companies who have no the experience for international business, to bridge the communication and cooperation with their abroad customer, help them to expand the oversea’s market and agent their sales by long-term relationship,which is reinforced our supply network and increased the competitive power of our offer.