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Seeler Industries, Inc.

ContactSteve Seeler – CEO
Glenn Gibisch – President
Joseph Norris – V.P. of Finance
Vincent Casalino – V.P. of Strategic Growth and Regulatory Affairs
Phone(815) 740-2640
FAX(815) 740-6469
Country: USA

Seeler Industries, Inc.
One Genstar Drive
Joliet Illinois 60435

Company Profile

Seeler Industries offers on-site, multi-dimensional outsourcing designed to complement businesses in the oil, gas, petrochemical, chemical, and food industries. At our chemical logistics facility, our customers can benefit from a significant reduction in critical handling and operating costs with chemical services such as: chemical procurement and distribution, inventory management, batch formulation, quality control, container rental, and more. Consisting of several operating divisions, Seeler Industries is a leading distributor of hydrogen peroxide, acids, caustics, glycols, as well as other specialty, intermediate, and commodity chemicals all being extraordinarily crucial to the chemical supply chain. Additionally, Seeler Industries operates a state-of-the-art toll manufacturing facility with the capability to produce complex specialty blends and is a leading manufacturer of peroxyacetic acid (peracetic acid, PAA). With room to grow on an eighty-seven acre facility in Joliet, Illinois; Seeler Industries constructed an industrial park that caters to several businesses; employing over 145 workers including 75 that Seeler employs directly. Over 2.5 miles of rail siding allows Seeler Industries easy access to storage, loading, and unloading bulk quantities of product while maximizing logistic and operational efficiency.

Areas of Expertise Peroxides, acids, caustics, glycols, and surfactants.

Chemical Products and Services

Analytical Development
Chemical Compounding
Circuit Board Manufacturing Chemicals
Custom Blending
Distributor of Industrial Chemicals & Solvents
Fee-for-Service Warehousing
Food Specialty Oils & Fats
Handling of Chemicals
Industrial and Specialty Chemicals
Inorganic Mineral Acids and Bases
Lot Tracking & Segregation
Metal Finishing Chemicals
Oilfield Chemicals
Paint & Coatings Chemicals
Plating Chemicals
Polymer Resins
Raw Materials for Sealants & Electronics
Sodium Hypochlorite
Tank Telemetry
Technical Consulting Services
Third-party Logistics
Vendor Consolidation
Vendor-Managed Inventory
Water Treatment Chemicals