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Green Source Organics

ContactPresident: Lawrence Blitz
Phone(805) 845-9191
Country: USA

Green Source Organics
7290 Kea Lani Drive,
Boynton Beach, Florida 33437
Green Source Organics is one of the leading producers, developers and suppliers of botanical extracts servicing the nutritional, food & beverage, cosmetic, animal feed & pet nutrition industries with the highest quality natural ingredients.

Green Source Organics is a worldwide natural ingredients specialist providing manufacturers with a secure and consistent source of organic and conventional ingredients for further manufacturing or the isolation of valuable compounds. Renowned for our high quality, premium botanical and nutritional products, Green Source Organics specializes in procuring, producing, trading, and distributing extracts of fruit, vegetables, oils and grains. We offer these ingredients as whole products, juices, juice concentrates, oils, powders, fibers, meals, and standardized extracted phyto-chemicals.

Product Information

Functional Foods/Nutraceutical Functional foods contain biologically active components which offer the potential of enhanced health or reduced risk of disease. Examples of functional foods include foods that contain specific minerals, vitamins, fatty acids or dietary fibre, foods with added biologically active substances such as phytochemicals or other antioxidants and probiotics that have live beneficial cultures. They are vital for optimal health as they support digestion, detoxification, immune functioning, bone and joint health, macular, cardiovascular and urinary tract health.

Cosmeceutical Green Source Organics offers fruit and vegetable oils and powdered extracts that contain active micro-ingredients that have physiological actions both on the skin and from within. These natural ingredients are beneficial in the treatment of aging, damaged or other dermatological conditions and to promote healthy skin.

Animal Feed & Pet Nutrition During our years of service in the animal feed and pet food industries, we have chosen to devote our energies to researching and supplying innovative, sustainable, and nutrient-rich plant materials in the form of grains, seeds (and their fats), proteins, carbohydrates and fibers for the producers of beef, dairy, poultry, swine and goat. We also supply manufacturers of food & supplements for companion animals ranging from equine, canine, feline, rabbit, rodent and avian species to high end marine aquariums and aquaculture enthusiasts.