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Advance Scientific & Chemical, Inc.

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Advance Scientific & Chemical, Inc.
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Advance Scientific & Chemical is a national distributor of chemicals for research, manufacturing and commercial operations. Advance is your one stop shop for all your scientific needs.


Laboratory Reagents, USP Food Grade Additives, and Raw Pharmaceuticals. Commercial and Specialty Chemicals, Acids, Solvents, Essencials Oils, PH Indicators.. Available in Lab Quantities and Bulk!

Laboratory Supplies

Beakers, Glassware, Balances, Hotplates, Stirrers, Microscopes, pH meters, Hydrometers, Thermometers, Centrifuges, Bunsen Burners, Refractometers, and more.

Educational Supplies

Educational Science Kits, Water Test Kits, Crystal Growing, Molecular Model Sets, Dissecting Kits, Labware Kits, Organic Chemistry Kits, Periodic Charts . . .

Reference Materials

The Merck Index, Pocket Reference, Chemistry Experiments, Chemistry Reference, Crystal Growing, Science Experiments and more. . .