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AerChem inc.

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Country: USA

AerChem inc.
PO Box 177,
Clear Creek, IN 47426
Over the last ten years, AerChem inc. has developed a solid reputation for sourcing quality chemical products. With a worldwide supply line, and sales offices located nationwide, AerChem covers almost any product requirement.

AerChem’s customers represent the top line in food and pharmaceutical companies. We are accustomed to the demands of busy purchasing professionals. Our systems are geared towards quick, efficient, and competent communication.

AerChem has grown in experience, offering quality service in the largest to smallest transactions. We manage plant audits, documentation process, sample verification, on-site inspections and third party testing. We are involved in every step of the purchasing process from proving specifications to locating hard to find chemicals.

Food, pharmaceutical, biotech. Each of these product categories are managed by professionals. You don’t have to explain yourself to the AerChem staff. They listen and act on your ideas. They go where necessary to find what you need.