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Alchem USA, Inc.
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Tommaso Mastrocola

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Alchem International Private Limited
201, Empire Plaza,
Mehrauli - Gurgaon Road,
New Delhi-110 030
+91 11 26809882
+91 11 26803500
Alchem International Private Limited is the largest phyto- chemical plant in the country which has been in the business for over 60 years and three generations. Alchem's reach is across 40 countries.

Powered by a production capacity of 9000 tonnes, it was exclusively engaged in the manufacture of bulk drugs, their intermediates, extracts and active ingredients from medicinal plants with usage in the Cosmetic, Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical industries. The extraction capacity is divided into seven separate extraction plants which are physically separated from each other by over 15 meters so that product purity is maintained, while seven different products are being processed. Product purity is maintained through stringent processes and product innovation through consistently updated R&D interventions.

AIL's products conform to Pharmacopoeia parameters. The company also has a 150 Tons per annum Pilot Plant where experimental trials can be conducted on extraction and purification of different herbs for exclusive use of our collaborators. As testimony of the company's strong quality control, over 95% of its production is exported to U.S.A., Japan, and Europe.

Now we bring to you, Alchem Phytoceuticals Ltd – a wholly owned subsidiary of Alchem International Ltd (AIL) which signifies the emergence of the group's entry into the formulation and the end-product category.