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Country: USA

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Collierville, TN 38017
AOC is a leading global supplier of resins, gel coats, colorants and additives for composites and cast polymers. AOC products are manufactured in facilities strategically located in North America, Europe and Asia. Their complete product line of high performance resins are specified for their durability, strength, resistance to corrosion, light weight, consistency and other key characteristics.

AOC’s success is derived from more than 50 years of innovative research technology, world-class manufacturing quality, and superior technical support and service. The company is solely committed to the composites industry and continues to make major investments in new products and manufacturing techniques. The global technical service team works with customers every step of the way to find the right products, test them and follow-up on the application.

All AOC manufacturing facilities are certified as meeting the quality management standards of ISO:9001:2008. Their proprietary manufacturing process control program sets the world standard for producing resins of exacting consistency.


AOC has a comprehensive offering of unsaturated polyesters, vinyl esters, hybrids, blends and specialty resins. The wide range of chemistries and formulations provide a wide spectrum of process variables and end-use properties.

AOC products are used in all composite manufacturing markets:

  • Infrastructure including corrosion-resistant applications and cured-in-place pipes;
  • Construction for residential and commercial buildings;
  • Transportation including automobiles, trucks and mass transportation vehicles;
  • Marine including boat hulls, decks and personal watercraft;
  • Consumer goods including spas, bowling balls and sporting equipment.

AOC’s complete product line includes materials for all composite manufacturing processes:

  • Closed mold – RTM, infusion, compression molding, injection molding and pultrusion;
  • Open-mold reinforced – filament winding, continuous panel, spray up and hand lay up;
  • Open mold–non-reinforced – casting, binder and sizing and specialty processes.

AOC’s complete package includes the exceptional color technologies of Chroma-Tek® dispersions and Vibrin® gel coats. With hundreds of AOC resins available to carry the colorants, Chroma-Tek dispersions are designed for superior compatibility with the primary resin.

Whatever you are making, or the manufacturing processes you use, discover AOC’s innovative technology, quality and service by visiting