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Avatar Corporation

Country: USA

Avatar Corporation
500 Central Avenue
University Park, IL 60484
Avatar Corporation is a manufacturer and marketer of products for the food, pharmaceutical, personal care and specialty industries. Primary emphasis is placed upon the production, packaging and certification of FDA-regulated ingredients and processing aids. These materials include antioxidants, lubricants, emollients, humectants, diluents, vehicles, excipients, stabilizers, surfactants and and naturally-derived ingredients.

Avatar Corporation also provides contract packaging and custom blending of products into commercial-sized containers manufactured to the same stringent quality control standards as our own products. Our production engineers and laboratory personnel routinely utilize their expertise in the development of products such as specialty release agents, lubricants and humectant systems based upon edible oils, white mineral oils, petrolatums, waxes, glycerin, propylene glycol and lecithin.

Avatar's manufacturing facility located in University Park, Illinois, operates in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and has been assigned a Facility Registration Number (1450491) and NDC Labeler Code (053206) by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration. The majority of Avatar products are Kosher-certified by the OK Certification, New York; Organic certification is provided by Quality Assurance International [QAI]. Food Grade lubricants meet H1 and/or 3H requirements; many are have National Sanitation Foundation [NSF] registration. Regular inspections are conducted by OK, QAI, SQF and government agencies, such as, the US FDA, as well as, numerous customers.

The mission of Avatar Corporation is to provide quality products and services to the industries and communities we serve, to operate responsibly to fulfill each customer’s needs and expectations in an efficient, professional manner. We are dedicated to providing products which help to set standards for commercial quality.

Please contact us for information on analogous materials to meet specific requirements or more details and specifications on products contained herein.