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Bachem - Market Leader in Peptides

Bachem is an independent, technology-based company, specialized in the process development and the manufacturing of peptides and complex organic molecules as active pharmaceutical ingredients as well as innovative biochemicals for research purposes. The experience and know-how in the development of optimal manufacturing processes is regarded as a basic requirement to achieve an outstanding product quality in high yield.

New discoveries in the field of life science research and Bachem's development as a technology-oriented company are intrinsically linked. Since innovation plays an integral role in securing Bachem's future, the company strives to continuously expand its know-how in chemistries and technologies through internal research projects as well as by collaboration with external research institutions.

Bachem offers a wide range of catalog products, i.e. amino acids and biochemicals, and peptides in packaging sizes suitable for peptide research, small scale peptide synthesis or any other research area.

We offer the largest selection of peptides and related products in industry. We have experience in producing peptides of any complexity or rare amino acid derivatives with special protection schemes. A considerable number of the over 6500 products we offer cannot be found anywhere else.

Most of our catalog products are available from stock and can be delivered in short time.

Although Bachem offers more than 4200 research grade peptides available from stock, your project may require a peptide not listed in our catalog.

Then contact our custom synthesis team and ask for an offer. Let our experienced scientists prepare the peptide you need.

Our peptide chemists can prepare compounds according to your specifications in any scale you need - from milligram to kilogram and ton quantities. We are experts in producing fluorescently labeled peptides, peptides with multiple disulfide bridges, peptides containing stable isotopes, and long and difficult peptides. Other specialties include multi-step organic transformations and peptidomimetic molecules.

Over the years, Bachem has gathered an extensive know-how not only in the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients, peptides as well as small molecules, but also in the analysis of these compounds. The implementation of suitable analytical methods, an experienced, well-trained staff, and state-of-the-art equipment are important prerequisites for Bachem to maintain the superior quality of its products and to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customer. Besides performing all analytical tests demanded by the regulatory authorities for the respective API we also conduct stability studies and test for interactions with packaging materials or other materials that might come into contact with the active. Our high analytical standards apply not only to our APIs but to all of our products.

We constantly develop and validate new analytical methods, aiming at setting industrial standards in the analysis of peptides.

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