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Carbopharm GmbH

ContactMs. Prisca Koraschnig
Phone+43 (0) 3136 830 83
FAX+43 (0) 3136 830 8383
Country: Austria

Carbopharm GmbH
Industriestrasse 10
A-8502 Lannach, Austria
Carbopharm GmbH is a highly qualified producer in the field of advanced nucleoside and carbohydrate products. Along with our modified sugar derivatives we offer a wide range of fine chemicals for research and development and for the industry. Our vessel capacities open up a production range from gram to ton scale.

Product Groups

  • 1-Alkyl carbohydrates
  • Aromatic carbohydrates
  • Deoxy carbohydrates
  • Deoxyhalo carbohydrates
  • Modified Nucleosides
  • Unsaturated carbohydrates