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Phone+7 831 281 37 72
FAX+7 831 2750 799
Country: Russia

Moskovskoe shosse, 83a
Nizhny Novgorod
603079, Russia
DALCHEM is a privately held business company located in one of scientific and industrial centers of Russia - Nizhny Novgorod.

Dalchem was established in 1997 to manufacture organophosphorus and organometallic chemicals on kilo-lab and pilot-plant scale. At present production capacity is up to 3000 kg/year, 80% of our products are available from stock.

The staff of the company consists of 80 persons including 35 chemists (35 employees have equivalent of Master Degree and 15 - Ph.D.).

We are renting about 2600 m2(28000 sq. ft) of manufacturing facilities.

Our manufacturing capacity is based on usage of 65 and 100 lt. stainless steel reactors (total reactors capacity 3800 lt), 20 lt. stainless steel filters, glass and steel short path distillation plants (2 pc.). We also have a small autoclave (2 lt.).

We are experienced in manufacturing of air-sensitive and pyrophoric compounds.

We have expertise to produce optically active Phosphine Ligands as well.

We have a full commercial licence from MIT for Buchwald ligands (incl. the right to issue sub-licences), such as t-BuXPhos, BrettPhos, t-BuBrettPhos, DavePhos, SPhos and other.

All our products pass Quality Control before dispatch to the customers.

For Quality Control purposes we use such analytical methods as: NMR (H1, C13, P31); HPLC (Alliance from Waters); GC (HP 6890); ICP MS; C&H analysis; polarimetry; melting point measurement (MEL-TEMP 3.0) and other. Usage of wide range of analytical methods give us ability to guarantee a high purity of our products: up to 99%.

International airport of Nizhny Novgorod allows us to ship goods in time using Lufthansa Cargo and DHL.

Dalchem also provides exclusive customs synthesis of organophosphorus and organometallic compounds on a confidential basis.