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Country: USA

600 East Crescent Avenue
Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458 USA
DavosPharma Is An Outsourcing And Commercial Development Company.

  • Over 35 Years in Business — Since 1972
  • Privately owned
  • Growing — 2014 Sales Forecast >$100M

    Our focus — developed over the past 25 years — is to deliver custom intermediates, APIs and process development strategies to our global customers in the Pharmaceutical and Life Science industries.

    Davos adds value because we have the experience to match your project with the supplier (s) most likely to succeed and deliver on time and in specification.

    Whether you need...

  • processes developed
  • 100's of grams for toxicology studies
  • 100's of kg for clinical trials
  • and/or multi-tons for commercial lots,

    ...we deliver!

    The custom manufacturers with whom we partner are cGMP/ISO 9000 companies located in Asia, Europe, and North America. All facilities are available for customer and FDA audit.

    We have worked hard and diligently to earn our position in the industry as a company who can be depended upon to bring customers' projects through promptly, cost-efficiently, and in the strictest confidence — from inception to completion.