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Deepwater Chemicals

Country: USA

Deepwater Chemicals
196122 E. County Road 40,
Woodward, OK 73801

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Company Profile

Deepwater Chemicals, Inc. has been a global source of iodine derivatives since its founding in 1931. We are the only domestic iodine derivatives manufacturer who is inspected by the FDA. As a part of Toyota Tsusho (TTC), we pride ourselves on the quality and consistency of our fine chemicals. From production to quality control to delivery, our dedicated team members insure the best quality and reliable service for our partners.

TTC has ownership in iodine manufacturers in the three key regions of the world, Algorta Norte in Chile, Nitten in Japan, and Iochem in Oklahoma. With TTC’s backing we are small enough to respond quickly, but we have big company resources.

Deepwater’s facility is located in Northwest Oklahoma in close proximity to the concentrated iodide brine found in the Morrow Trench. Our locally produced iodine derivatives are shipped all over the world.


  • The only North America iodine derivatives manufacturer inspected by the FDA
  • The only Iodine derivative producer with both food and drug FDA Facility Establishment identifiers
  • Owned jointly by Toyota Tsusho Inc. (TTC), and Toyota Tsusho America
  • FSMA compliant and fully traceable product line

We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact through continual improvement with ISO 14001.

We have surety of supply through TTC’s joint ownership of iodine supply in Chile, Japan and the USA.

Deepwater has a very flexible plant that operates under cGMP and FDA approvals. We can produce products that meet USP and ACS specifications, and we have developed high purity products that are used globally.

In addition to our current portfolio or products, we have the intellectual data to be able to produce many more iodine derivatives. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us to see if we can help you.