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ERCO Worldwide

Country: Canada

ERCO Worldwide
302 The East Mall, Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M9B 6C7

Tel: 416-239-7111
Fax: 416-239-8091

ERCO Worldwide (ERCO) is a Canadian business success story with a 110-year history of producing chemicals and a long history of supplying environmentally preferred chlorine dioxide technology to the pulp and paper industry, and chlor-alkali products to the industrial and municipal water treatment; food processing and fertilizer industries.

ERCO's superior reputation as a leading solutions developer and leading supplier of sodium chlorate and technology to the pulp and paper and water technology industries, coupled with a regional supplier of potassium and chloralkali products to the U.S. Midwest is reinforced with 152 patents and 28 pending applications.

ERCO Worldwide, A division of Superior Plus LP., has six manufacturing facilities located in Canada, two in the USA, and one in Chile, South America, with its engineering and sales offices based in Toronto, Canada. Phone (416) 239-7111,