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Genesee Polymers Corporation

ContactChuck Piskoti
Phone(810) 715-5018
FAX(810) 742-8581
Country: USA

G-4099 S. Dort Highway
Burton, MI 48529
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Company Profile

Genesee Polymers Corporation manufactures unique types of polymers for a wide variety of industries including die casting, forging, rubber and plastic molding, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, paints and coatings, paper, printing and textiles. GPC was founded in 1980 with two primary goals. The first goal was to create a corporation run by scientists dedicated to advancing the field of polymer chemistry through a strong emphasis on research and development. The second goal was to make high quality polymer products and technical assistance readily available to a wide variety of researchers including academic researchers, independent formulators and industrial chemists. We also have a commitment to preserving the environment through development of environmentally safer products and careful monitoring and constant improvement of our manufacturing techniques.