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Georgia-Pacific Chemicals LLC

Country: USA

Georgia-Pacific Chemicals LLC
133 Peachtree Street, 19th FL
Atlanta, GA 30303
Georgia-Pacific Chemicals LLC began in 1959. Our first facility was a phenolic resin adhesive plant located in Coos Bay, OR, supplying the company's West Coast wood products' operations.

Subsequently, Georgia-Pacific furthered its commitment to the chemical industry by constructing and acquiring many additional facilities to provide phenolic, urea, and melamine wood adhesive resins and industrial resins.

The company also expanded into paper and pine chemicals with products such as tall oil fatty acid (TOFA) derivatives.

Today, fueled by internal growth and acquisition, Georgia-Pacific Chemicals is a global manufacturer and marketer of a broad range of chemistry for diverse industries. Our products address customer needs in building products, paper, plant nutrition, mining, oilfield, industrial and specialty applications. We have more than 800 talented employees at facilities in the United States, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, India, South Africa and China.

Georgia-Pacific Chemicals LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Georgia-Pacific Corporation.