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Iofina Chemical

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Country: USA

Iofina Chemical
1025 Mary Laidley Drive
Covington, KY 41017
Iofina Chemical, Inc., based in Covington, KY., is a division of Iofina plc. Iofina Chemical is a technology-based company serving various industries with select halogen specialty chemicals. As technology leaders in iodine the company manufactures iodine-based antiseptic and antimicrobial products for use in agriculture, cleaning and disinfection as well as preservatives for paints, coatings and lumber products. In addition to the products above it also manufactures chlorine and fluorine-based products, along with its iodine products, for use in odor control, pharmaceutical and electronics manufacturing, food and beverage sanitization, dairy cow hygiene, and specialty chemical manufacturing. Iofina Chemical, Inc., since being founded in 1983, continues its dedication to research and development. In close cooperation with customers, Iofina stays on the leading edge of its technologies and strives to deliver its customers the products and solutions they need. Iofina Chemical is a member of SOCMA and is ChemStewards Certified.

Iofina's key products include:

  • 3-iodo-2-propynylbutyl carbamate (IPBC)-IPBC is an iodine-based fungicide that serves as a wood preservative for the lumber industry and as a preservative to oil-based and latex paint
  • Hydriodic Acid (HI)-HI is an iodine-based chemical used to produce sanitizing products (iodine antiseptic) or as a raw material or catalyst for other chemical products (such as acetic acid). This product is used in both the pharmaceutical and dairy industries.
  • Methylene Iodide-Methylene Iodide is a very dense liquid used in the separation of minerals.
  • Methyl Iodide (MI)-MI is used as an intermediate or catalyst in manufacturing of pharmaceutical and chemical industry products.
  • Methyl Fluoride (MeF)-MeF is a custom gas utilized in the etching of specialized computer chips and is sold to suppliers of industrial gases and equipment.
  • Iodine
  • Trichloromelamine-Trichloromelamine is an EPA-registered sanitizer for glassware in the food services industries.
  • Chloramine-T Trihydrate (CHT)-is a white powder chlorinated sulfonamide derivative. It is a broad based biocide used as a disinfectant and sanitizer*. It is an investigational animal drug used in the aquaculture industry and also is a very effective odor control compound.